Monthly Archive: January 2022

Matchbox MB1266 : 2018 Dodge Durango 0

MB1266 : 2018 Dodge Durango

New for 2022 is the MB1266 Dodge Durango and like a lot of the new vehicles it leaves you with mixed feelings. For me you cant really fault the design, it captures the real...

SB-143 : Dream Chaser Sierra Nevada 0

SB-143 : Dream Chaser Sierra Nevada

I find this a strange choice for Mattel to make. To spend resources on a license for a aircraft that lets face it could easily be a generic of very similar design and then...

Matchbox Skybuster SB-70 : Hypersonic Jet 0

SB-70 : Hypersonic Jet

At #16 of the 31 Skybusters in the 2021 range is the Matchbox Original SB-70 Hypersonic Jet looking mighty fine in theĀ  Matchbox Orange and white colours. This colour scheme has been used before...