How to Display your Collectibles

If you collect diecast, LEGO or anything then these are treasured items that you will want take good care of and display well so you and guests to your house can enjoy. This is particularly important if you collect rare or valuable items, as you will want to also protect them from any harm that may diminish their value. Instead of using an everyday household bookshelf there are much better ways to store and display your collection that will protect them from dust or the sticky little fingers of small children.

One of the better ways to protect your collection is to house them in a cabinet with glass doors that are sealed tight to help keep the dust out. If you cannot afford some of the more expensive wooden cabinets with glass shelves and sealed doors then there are still some great ways to show off your collection on a more modest budget, like the preformed Perspex (plexi-glass) cabinets that are available.

Diecast display caseThere are many ways to display your items and you should decide according to what you like and what looks good for your house, but as an idea if you have one item that is valuable then you might consider putting that one piece in its own display, to make it stand out, rather than crowding it in with other parts of the collection. There are also other ways to enhance your display as well that are worth considering, like adding photos or brochures to the display. If you collect Matchbox diecast vehicles you might consider adding one of the yearly brochures they used to release as an additional talking point, or photographs of real the real vehicles that you are displaying. If you collect only one marque then you might consider placing a Chevrolet cap amongst your collection of Chevrolet vehicles.


Truck shaped display - Great idea for the kids room

Truck shaped display – Great idea for the kids room

Vehicle grille display - perfect for the man cave

Vehicle grille display – perfect for the man cave

Lighting is another important consideration; some shelf displays come with built in lighting or at least have it as an option when you purchase your shelves. By using the appropriate lighting in your display you can easily recreate the look of a real car show room. When it comes to lighting though, remember to store your collection out of direct sunlight as natural sunlight can damage your collection, by fading colours and deteriorating plastics.

A good source of premade purpose built display cases can be a local auction house or shop fitting clearance sale, old jewellery cases or other such displays can be repurposed to hold diecast, maybe an old glass shop counter will suit your space. Really you are only limited by your imagination as to what you can do.

How do you display your models.?


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