5 Diecast restoration tips

We have all found that old model at a flea market that we had searched for years to find and now we have it there are some things we need to do to make our model perfect again.  Below are some quick tips to help you on your way.

1.     Paint Removal

So you need to remove the artistic work of a budding young DaVinci.  Well dont panic, its not difficult at all, the paint on the body will of course be removed when you strip the body ready for preparation prior to repainting, and the paint on the windows should easily come off if you soak the window component in some household over cleaner for a few hours, the paint should then simply slide off the windows.

2.     Baseplate rust

Removing that rust that forms on the baseplate is an overnight process but is simple.  Just place the baseplate in some vinegar overnight, and when it has finished soaking you simply brush away the rust with some soft wire wool or a soft wire brush.

3.     Axle replacement

Quite often the axle is bent from years of loving play, mostly straightening them is too difficult or just plain impossible and to be honest it is much easier to replace the axle and there are a couple of cost effective ways to do this, you could use the inner rod from a rivet or cut up an old metal coat hanger, just simply cut them to size and burr the ends

4.     Paint Matching

On an older model it is sometimes difficult to tell what the original colour was, this is because the vehicle has gone through years of play and most likely also suffered the effects of long exposure to sunlight.  If this is the case and you want to paint the model in its original colours, then simply look inside the model, usually there has been some overspray when it was originally made and being on the inside should not have faded or got dirty so will give you a good idea of the original colour.

5.     Broken Windscreen Pillars

One of the most common faults with an old model car is the windscreen pillars.  These are one of the weakest parts of the model and are prone to breaking, one of the easier ways to fix this is to replace the broken pillar by super gluing a thin piece of metal in place, an industrial or heavy duty staple works really well, simple cut the staple to the appropriate size before gluing.


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