MB784 : Jeep Willys

Model Details
Brand: Jeep
Model: Willys
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB784
1944 Jeep Willys

1944 Jeep Willys

The Jeep Willys has surely got to be considered a classic all around the world, this vehicle and its stand out design has been around for decades and for good reason.  The design is simple yet effective and the Jeep does what it is designed to do without question.
Matchbox have truly captured this in the design of the miniature version MB784 Jeep Willys, first released 11 years ago and still going strong today.  This years outing in bright red is no exception, the casting truly captures the feel of the real thing right down to the shovel and tools cast on the side and highlighted with appropriate silver tampo printing.

Matchbox MB784 : Jeep Willys (2011 issue)

Matchbox MB784 : Jeep Willys (2011 issue)

There wouldn’t be too many red Jeeps in the world as most would recognise this as being a military vehicle and sure Matchbox have covered those version a lot, but after so many years in the real world the Jeeps are being repurposed into other uses outside the military so why not have the bright red, the model carries it off well and is well complimented by the choice of the 6 Spoke Cog wheels in white.  Finished off with the all black interior I think this is a great little model and a definite must have for the collection.

Matchbox MB784 : Jeep Willys Matchbox MB784 : Jeep Willys


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