MB611 : Nissan Z

Model Details
Brand: Nissan
Model: 350Z
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB611
Matchbox MB611 : Nissan Z (2004 release)

Matchbox MB611 : Nissan Z (2004 release)

Returning to the Matchbox lineup in 2021 after a 13 year absence we have the MB611 : Nissan Z or as it is now named on the base the Nissan 350Z.  I love it when Mattel bring back an older casting for another run and this was no exception, I was looking forward to seeing this return to the basic range and in its new Pearl White body colour with the dual Gold stripes on the side it looks great right up to the point you hold it in your hands and realise that it has become another victim of the Mattel accountants.

Sadly this once great casting that shone bright in the Matchbox lineup now sits there looking rather dull and sad with its fully black windows to hide the fact the Mattel penny pinchers have removed the interior. It really is sad, with such vast improvements in the technology over the last 13 years you would think that the casting would come back in to the range with vastly improved look and feel and yet it hasnt and all to save just a cent or two on production costs.

Matchbox MB611 : Nissan Z (2021 release)

Matchbox MB611 : Nissan Z (2021 release)

Why not increase the sale price in the USA?  After all, these cars have been the same price for decades a few extra cents on the retail price surely wouldnt hurt but would allow a little bit of quality and pride to remain in what could have been a great casting relaunched for a new generation of kids and collectors.  This seems to me to be a self defeating path to destroying the Matchbox brand, the more the costs are cut the more we see once great models like this become a shadow of their former selves and in all the efforts to save what you will achieve is to reduce sales overall which will in account speak mean more costs have to be cut, lets hope this is not the case; for now we just have to enjoy the cheapened version of the Nissan Z.

Matchbox MB611 : Nissan Z (2021 release)


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