Collecting Diecast Models

The hobby of collecting diecast miniatures is one that has many benefits for collectors of all ages. It doesn’t matter what you collect; cars, trains, planes, boats or a combination of all of them, it is a hobby that is easy to get started in and easy to continue in.

Collecting diecast is affordable, easy and has a wide variety of subject material to choose from. You can enjoy the hobby by yourself or with family and friends; many people start in the hobby as a child and just continue on into adulthood.
A quick look around the myriad of specialist diecast websites demonstrates just how affordable this hobby can be, in fact as a hobby it can be one of the more affordable past times available. You can easily find great subject matter from as little as a few dollars to get you started and some of these models even at this price are fantastic quality for the price, just look at some of the offerings from Matchbox or Hot Wheels.

Adding to your growing collection of diecast is easy, there is an abundance of manufacturers to choose from; there are the smaller scales like Matchbox, Hot Wheels & SIKU up to the larger scales like those offered by Maisto, Minichamps, Welly and Jada Toys. Once you decide on what shape your collection will take, online retailers can offer you a wide variety of choices to help expand your collection or you can simply collect what you can readily find in your local stores

Qantas 767 by Inflight 500

Qantas 767 by Inflight 500

What to collect?

Obviously this is entirely up to you, the choice is endless. You can collect only one style like cars, planes or commercial vehicles, you may choose only one brand like SIKU or NewRay or then again you may prefer to collect anything in one particular scale or just collect one marque like Ford, Chevrolet or BMW. The choice or combination that you decide on will be whatever makes you the happiest, maybe anything from a certain era like the 1950’s or 1960’s is what appeals to you. It’s fun to choose and overtime you may even change the direction that you take in your collection.

Families can use the collecting of diecast to help bring siblings together, children just seem to love collecting with other family members and it can help create wonderful memories and a great tradition for the whole family ad what better way to get the car of dreams even if it is in small scale diecast.


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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