How to replace the baseplate

The is the first ‘How To’ article in a planned series and for the first article I thought we should build on some of our previous articles where we have talked about ‘reproduction parts’, whether or not you should restore an old diecast model and of course even provided ‘5 restoration tips’ to help you out.  So with that in mind lets discuss ‘How to’ replace the rivets on the vehicle you are repairing or restoring.

Step 1: Remove the existing rivet head, to do this you will need to get yourself a drill bit that is slightly larger (about ½ to 1mm) than the rivet head, ever so gently drill out the rivet head.  When you have removed the rivet head you should see the rivet post and of course the hole in the baseplate.  Obviously some models are smaller and more delicate than others so you may need to do this under magnification

Step 2: Now that you have the baseplate removed you can remove the other components of the vehicle, the wheels, the windows or glass component and any other parts that need removing to assist with your restoration.

Step 3: Now that you have restored your vehicle and you are ready to put it back together you have a few options open to you.  You can screw the baseplate back on, this is possibly the easiest option, you use small self-tapping screws that you should be able to find at any reputable hobby store.  The screws required for a 1/64 scale car are often referred to as train screws because of their use with HO scale train modelling.  The other option is to replace the rivet that you have previously drilled out.  To do this ensure that the rivet post is clear of any obstruction or remnants of the removed rivet, drill a small pilot hole and insert an appropriate sized rivet.  The last way to re-attach the baseplate is to use glue or epoxy, if you choose this method be sure not use super glue if your restoration includes a painted base as the fumes and the glue itself will cause damage to the paints finish.



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