MB1250 : Chow Mobile II

Model Details
Brand: Matchbox Original
Model: Chow Mobile II  (Previosuly Chow Mobile, Food Truck, MBX Chow Wagon or MBX V.A.N)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1250 (previous incarnations as MB889 & MB999)
Matchbox MB889 : Food Truck

Matchbox MB889 : Food Truck

Almost new for 2021 is the 3rd incarnation of the Matchbox Originals Food Truck.  We first saw this casting nearly 10 years ago when in 2013 the MB889 Food Truck was introduced into the basic range; but after just 3 short years and only 3 variations it was retooled.

The retooled version being released as MB999 saw the customer service side of the van go from being cast in plastic as part of the interior molding to now be cast in metal as part of the main body whick I think gave Mattel the ability to tampo print better detail on the food selections, but what about the new version?

Matchbox MB999 : Food Truck

Matchbox MB999 : Food Truck

Well the MB1250 is another take on the original Food Truck from 2013, now we have a metal base which would usually mean a plastic body and you can see that the interior glass for the roof sits a lot more forward than in previous releases.  The name has changed over the years from Food Truck to MBX V.A.N or MBX Chow Wagon to the more recent name of MBX Chow Mobile and now the MBX Chow Mobile II.

Overall the design remains the same as it has for years, there is not much to comment on there, as generic vehicles go this is a good representation of food trucks that appear as an outsider to be reasonably common on the streets of the cities of the USA.  For me this has what you want in a generic vehicle, it is uesful for kids to play with and create a real street scape in their play and is also realistic enough that it could actually be a real thing.



Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II

Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II

Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II


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