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For those that follow this blog regularly you may remember I wrote about 6 weeks back in the blog ”All is not lost” that I was reproducing what I could of Nick Jones website as part of the MCF website in an effort to make sure that his fantastic work would not be lost forever and consigned to history; well more good news!!

Matchbox 01D : Aveling Barford Road Roller

01D : Aveling Barford Road Roller (Plastic Wheels)

The admins of the VBD community in conjunction with Nicks family have got the original website back up and running, so you can view it now back at its original home of where all the information is exactly where it should be so well done to all those involved in saving such a great work.

Nicks website is an absolute must see for anyone that has even a passing interest in older Matchbox (pre-Superfast) and dont forget that the VBD guys also have a great forum if you do share an interest in older Matchbox so pop over to VBD3 and sign up there if you havent already


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