All is not lost

As has been reported on the Facebook group for various reasons it looks like the website will soon be no more.  This is a big loss to the Matchbox collecting community and one that I hope to play a part in preventing the loss of the fantastic resource that Nick Jones has compiled over the years.

To that end with permission I will be copying and reproducing as much of his website as I can and incorporating it in to the Matchbox Collectors Forum webste.

Matchbox Series 1964

As anyone who has visited the VBD website over the years will know the passion that Nick has for Matchbox Regular Wheels models would be hard to surpass which is why we must not lose such a great resource.

If there is any aspect of Nicks website that you particularly want to see then let me know so that I can prioritise that as we are not sure for how long I can retain access to existing files.

For a start I have reproduced the general information that Nick wrote regarding the 1-75 Series which you can now find online here, which will be the jumping off point for that range and from there I will build on what I have with the vast knowledge that Nick gave the collecting community over the years.

Of course I will update everyone via the usual daily Matchbox blog posts and on the Facebook group as well.


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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  1. October 30, 2021

    […] that follow this blog regularly you may remember I wrote about 6 weeks back in the blog ”All is not lost” that was reproducing what I could of Nick Jones website as part of the MCF in an effort to […]

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