’62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

So the 2nd of the new Mattel Creations models has been released and again it sold out rather quickly; although not as quick as the Routemaster.  This time it took a bit over an hour to sell out, but none the less it did sell out so Mattel will be happy with that.  From all reports the process was a lot easier than before and worked better, maybe Mattel made some changes or maybe it was the lower consumer demand that made it smoother.

Mattel Creations - Matchbox 62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe Mattel Creations - Matchbox 62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

As for the vehicle, I think like the Routemaster it was a great choice but again poorly executed.  Released as a nod to the original Lesney release of the same vehicle from 1963 it was a gret model choice and the casting is absolutely spot on. With opening doors, lightly tinted windows and attention to detail, the model really looks great but for me it is let down by the choice of wheels.

The wheels chosen are way to sporty, blingy or however you want to describe them; they are just not the right fit for a classic vehicle.  I know lots of people will probably disagree with them and certainly the sale would appear to show that but for me a classic vehicle like this should have a more traditional or dare I say it a more classical wheel to it.

Mattel Creations - Matchbox 62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe Mattel Creations - Matchbox 62 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

The other down sides for me are the lack of suspension and it still sports a plastic base, you would think for the US$25 they are charging that this is the time to reintroduce some of those classic features that collectors not only look for but mostly expect on a premium model.  So did I get one?  Well no, I would love to collect high end models, I am not even bothered with the price, but for a premium price I expect a premium product and this just does not fit that category.  Add to that another US$14.95 for shipping to here in the UK, the ancestral home of Matchbox and you get a small scale almost collectible car for £30, for comparison a regular Matchbox vehicle is about £1.50 so thats a 1900% increase in price and no where near that in increased quality.

You just cant justify the cost for what is essentially going to be bought by those looking to make a quick profit not those that love the brand and want to see it grow and expand.


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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