MB1209 : 1976 Honda CVCC

Model Details
Brand:  Honda
Model:  CVCC
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1209

Matchbox MB1209 : 1976 Honda CVCCIf you can say any of the models released by Matchbox lately has hit a home run in its design and inclusion it could possible be this one.  The Mattel design team have really got it right with this release and for me this epitomizes what Matchbox is all about and what it should be about.

Obviously the Honda is a real licensed vehicle so that is the first points in its favour, the colour choice in plain white is again realistic and even that is enhanced with the spectacular tampo design for the head lights and grille, the wheels again are spot on.

Will the collectors love it, I would say yes they will, a classic car seen on the streets of just about any of us no matter where we are in the world so one we can identify with as can any child today, yes I know its a 1976 model but the overall design is still reminiscent of many small cars today so even the kids can relate to this one.

Is there a downside, well sadly yes there is one small thing that detracts from this being the perfect model and that is the metal post in the rear of the car, I know that it is required for assembly and production but it does detract from the look of the car, aside from that it is definately well worth adding this one to your small car garage.

1976 Honda CVCC

1976 Honda CVCC



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