MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe

Model Details
Brand MG
Model MGB (1971)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1213

First released last year in the 2020 basic range series as a new casting I thought this one hit the spot.  Apart from being an older model and squarely aimed at the older collector I did enjoy seeing this one and it was a welcome addition to the collection.  Sadly though the sheen has worn off the model a bit when I found it again in the UK Collection, an allegedly premium line. I dont mind the fact the same casting was also used in one of the newer 9 packs as you expect to find mainline items re-used like that from time to time, but when you pay a premium price for a premium range you expect something a little different and a higher quality product.

MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe

I still like the casting, just disappointed in its re-use in a premium line without improvements.  As a basic range model the detail is good with some very nice lines and with the tampo detailing it sets the model off and this continues with the new 2021 mainline release now in a gorgeous dark green colour.

MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe
MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe

So if you find either of the basic range models then I say grab them, add them to your collection as I have, but unless you are a completest then dont bother getting the UK Collection version as you probably already have it.

MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe (UK Collection)

MB1213 : 1971 MGB Coupe (UK Collection)


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