MB975 : Jaguar F-type

Model Details
Brand Jaguar
Model F Type
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB975

There is just something about this shade of blue that make me buy a model over and over again, particularly when the casting is just so good.  As a rule I dont collect Hot Wheels but some years back they released a BMW in a similar shade of blue and I just had to have it, making it one of the very limited Hot Wheels models in my collection.

MB975 : Jaguar F-type MB975 : Jaguar F-type

This Jaguar however will make it into my collection probably a couple of times over, it really is one very sexy looking car.

MB975 : Jaguar F-type MB975 : Jaguar F-type

With this model I not only love the colour but the selected use of tampo strikes make this model stand out, the designers have done just enough to highlight the right parts of the model along with the headlights and the badging this model really stands out as a shining example of just how good a modern Matchbox car can be.


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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