MB1225 : ´19 Ford Ranger

Model Details
Brand Ford
Model Ranger (2019)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1225
Matchbox MB1225 : ´19 Ford Ranger - Matchbox Collector

Matchbox MB1225 : ´19 Ford Ranger – Matchbox Collector

I sense a theme!  Just like the model we looked at yesterday the MB1225 Ford Ranger is again back for only the second time since its inception in 2019 and just like the BMW from yesterday again it is in what can only be called Matchbox Orange although this time backed up by being emblazoned with the Matchbox logo along the side.Matchbox MB1225 : ´19 Ford Ranger - Matchbox Collector

As you would expect from a premium line product this one has the opening bonnet to reveal the engine which is cast within.  It comes atop a set of 5 spoke centre hub rims with the rubber tyres and trimmed in orange to match the body.  All in all an outstanding release and one I cant wait to add to the collection


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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