MB1248 : 1979 Chevy Nova

Model Details
Brand: Chevrolet
Model Nova (1979)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1248
1979 Chevrolet Nova

1979 Chevrolet Nova

Introducing the 1979 Chevrolet Nova, a new casting for 2021 and its first outing is at #22 in the 2021 basic range. The Chevrolet Nova is a car that has been done by plenty of diecast companies over the years but the vast majority of those are of various 1960s versions of this American classic.  Matchbox have chosen to do the 1979 version which is a refreshing change from the other brands and its decisions like this that make Matchbox stand out in a crowded field.Matchbox MB1248 : 1979 Chevy Nova

Finished in a classic steel blue colour with the dual white stripes running the length of the car make it one very sweet looking ride.  The chrome base wraps around the vehicle ends giving you a nice chrome bumper and grille to the front and rear of the car, maybe if this casting is used for a premium version we will see some tampo printing on those ends to finish off the vehicle nicely.

Overall I think this is a great addition to the Matchbox lineup but again it will only appeal to collectors, older cars in my opinion are not what ids will be looking for and certainly not what they would recognise.

Matchbox MB1248 : 1979 Chevy Nova Matchbox MB1248 : 1979 Chevy Nova




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