MB1228 : 1957 Dodge Sweptside D100

Model Details
Brand: Dodge
Model: D-100 Sweptside
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1228

A new casting for 2021 is another great candidate for the old ‘Models of Yesteryear’ range, not sure why Mattel insist on creating these great older castings but yet killed off the Yesteryears range which allowed them to produce these in a larger scale with greater detail.  This is a well designed model and it really looks nice, the colour choice for its first outing is absolutely spot on for the real thing.

1957 Dodge Sweptside D100

1957 Dodge Sweptside D100

Positioned at #02 in the 2021 basic range this model should surely be a well sought after model by the older collectors, the kids whilst they may get one bought for them by their parents I doubt they will be seeking it out as it is obviously not something the younger member will know of or see in their daily travels.

I cant wait to see what comes next for this casting, a premium version maybe!

Matchbox MB1228 : 1957 Dodge Sweptside D100 (2021 Basic Range)

Matchbox MB1228 : 1957 Dodge Sweptside D100 (2021 Basic Range)


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