MB1190 : 2014 Nissan NV Van

Model Details
Brand Nissan
Model NV Van
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1190
2014 Nissan NV Van

2014 Nissan NV Van

Another relatively new addition to the Matchbox range is this Nissan NV Van, first introduced in 2019 this issue is only its 3rd outing.  Resplendent in a dark Charcoal black colour with this Nissan brand name emblazoned on the side at first glance it really looks the part.

Sadly for me the red windows let the model down, they just dont look right.  The fact they are frosted to hide the lack of an interior doesn’t help either but at least if they were a more appropriate colour it would make it more acceptable.

At first look I thought the all plastic front felt a bit wrong but when comparing against the real thing you can see that is more realistic than you would think, although with the saving on not having an interior you would think Mattel could spring for a little extra tampo printing to smarten up the front of the van with some headlights, logo & a grille.

Matchbox MB1190 : 2014 Nissan NV Van Matchbox MB1190 : 2014 Nissan NV Van
Matchbox MB1190 : 2014 Nissan NV Van



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