MB1045 : Speed Trapper

Model Details
Brand: Matchbox Original
Model: Speed Trapper
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1045

Speed TrailerGeneric models are not popular with a lot of collectors, me personally I understand the need for them and in general are OK with them being in the range as long as they make sense and this is one of those times.  No one in the world would recognise a branded version of the speed trailer and certainly I would doubt that any child anywhere would either.  What they would recognise is the device itself and that is what makes this such a great inclusion in the range.

For this individual release at #62 in the 2021 basic range it is in the very familiar colours of the long running theme of ”INC Constructions” models, this themed collection of vehicles is a much loved design and is applied to all sorts of models throughout the Matchbox range and I am sure this will be another favourite to be added to most collection.  In fact this will be one of those models were you might want to pick up more than one, after all you cant create a set of constructions roadworks without having one of these at each end of the roadworks.

Matchbox MB1045 : Speed Trapper

Matchbox MB1045 : Speed Trapper (2021 basic range)


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