New Future for Matchbox

Matchbox EV Playset

Matchbox EV Playset

Yesterday Mattel announced a new direction in the production of the little cars we all love. For some time now we have seen a few hybrid or EV type cars in the range as you would expect from Matchbox.  Traditionally Matchbox is the brand that focuses on real life vehicles and that looks set to continue with a heightened focus on modern EV vehicles like the Tesla Roadster.
I think this is a good thing as it continues the Matchbox tradition of making models of the vehicles we see on the streets around us and as we move forward these vehicle types will become more and more common on our streets so it is only right that we see more of them in different guises in all the various Matchbox ranges.

In another good move Mattel are going to  include EV charging points as part of any garage type playsets adding more realism and a direct tie in to the vehicles as well, this again is something that adds to the overall ethos of Matchbox being about realism and what we find on the streets so all credit to them for this.

Matchbox Tesla Roadster

Matchbox Tesla Roadster

To tie in to the idea of EV cars and a more sustainable future Mattel are aiming to have all of their Matchbox products produced from recycled or recyclable materials by 2030 something that I think is very achievable and a great step forward, but will it impact on the long term viability of Matchbox as a collectible product?  Will the product with its new materials stand the test of time?

For the packaging they are looking to reduce plastic so hopefully this means an end to the dreaded blister pack and a return to more traditional packaging as they have done over the last few years with the ”Power Grabs”;  funny how looking back can give you the answer to move forward. The paper & cardboard are a great one to be replaced easily with recycled and recyclable material but what about the cars themselves?

Well the claim from Mattel is the first release in this mode will be the Tesla Roadster (pictured) which is to be released in 2022 and it will be made from 99% recycled materials. Roberto Stanichi of Mattel explains, “Matchbox has always been about realism. It’s a reflection of the world and the vehicles kids see driving on the road every day. As we were thinking about our brands, and thinking about where to begin, we thought, ‘Well if this world is evolving, so should Matchbox.’”

So the cars them selves will see water based paints and recycled metals used to create and colour them, lets just hope that the cars themselves will last for a lifetime or at the very least the lifetime of a child; I guess only time will tell this.





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