MB785 : ’71 Porsche 914

Model Details
Brand Porsche
Model 914
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB785

Porsche 914Its been a long time since we have seen the Porsche 914 in the Matchbox range, its last outing was in 2017 in the ‘Best of Matchbox‘ series and its been even longer since we saw one in the basic range; in fact it you would have to go back as far as 10 years to the 2011 basic range to find it.

But after such a long time its back and it still looks good.  I remember when this one first introduced in a light green back in 2010 and personally as a fan of Porsche models was happy to see this model introduced, but as quick as it came it left again; barring the premium offerings so I am glad to see it back in the basic range.

We see it in a white colour with a bright red side stripe, they have updated the wheels to have the 6 Spoke in red, for me I think they should have stuck with the original choice of ringed disc wheels as the seem more suitable for the models age.

Not being a big fan generally speaking of mass amounts of plastic, in this case I think it works really well to have a frosted black roof as it is very reminiscent of the material roof of the real thing so for me I can over look it in this case.

Matchbox MB785 : ’71 Porsche 914 Matchbox MB785 : ’71 Porsche 914


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