MB1259 : Cement Trailer

Model Details
Brand Matchbox Original
Model Cement Trailer
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1259
Matchbox Hitch N Haul 2021

Matchbox Hitch N Haul 2021

Another new casting for 2021 and one that is perfectly suited for the often much maligned ”generic” models.  Many collectors don’t like generic designs preferring the more popular licensed model but they are a necessity to keep costs down and help Mattel turn a profit on this range of toys and this is the perfect use for such a design.

I don’t think there would be a child on the planet that could name a licensed version of something similar to the Cement Trailer but yet they would all instantly recognise this as a very familiar item to be towed around town to various building sites.

Matchbox Hitch N Haul 2021

Matchbox Hitch N Haul 2021

For collectors it is immediately one to seek out for in its initial release there is already a variation; and as its first outing is in the INC Constructions livery this will make it popular with those that are following that sub theme for their collections as well.

I think this is definitely a job well done by Mattel and the variation is a great ploy to increase sales to collectors.

Matchbox MB1259 : Cement Trailer Matchbox MB1259 : Cement Trailer


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