MB838-A : Land Rover Defender 110

Model Details
Brand Land Rover
Model Defender 110
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB697 & MB838-A

Matchbox MB697 : Land Rover Defender 110What a run this casting has had, originally released in 2006 this for me was a great addition to the range.  It is what the Matchbox brand is and should be about, a nod to the origins of the brand with its realism, look, feel and play value.

Matchbox MB697 : Land Rover Defender 110Over the years the casting has seen some really nice outings in various ranges, for the collector that has been around a while the Orange ”Arctic Explorer” version was also used as the model that was sent all over the world from collector to collector, a trip that lasted quite some time.

Sadly though like many vehicles in the lineup the accountants have got their cost cutting knives into the casting and made some changes that quite frankly are not for the better, firstly in 2012 the roof & therefore luggage was cost reduced by being removed and replaced with plastic when it became part of the window piece.  That was not enough for the bean counters because just 4 short years later in 2016 even more metal was removed and the window piece was extended to now include the front spot lights.Matchbox MB838-A : Land Rover Defender 110

Although the model still looks nice you cant help but think how long it will be till more models suffer from this consistent reduction in metal content and Matchbox can no longer be called a diecast toy.Matchbox MB838-A : Land Rover Defender 110


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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