MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS

I dont know how to feel about this one, more and more it seems that Matchbox is just phoning it in, I understand that there is only one designer for Matchbox at the moment so it must be a hard job trying to keep up with the work load but the constant re-release of old models will do nothing for the collectability of the brand and that in turn will impact its future.

Model Details
Brand Citroen
Model DS (1968)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB735

The model to look at today is the MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS in all black. This was the initial release colour for this model way back in 2008 and while its good to see the casting return after being absent since 2011 I just dont get why it has to be the same as an already released model and to make it worse not only is back in the France Collection in an already released colour but it is used again in the Global Collection; again with no change.

Matchbox MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS

Its really a nice model to look at and certainly represents the Matchbox brand really well but I just think its been done, why re-do it?  The other problem I have with this model and have had since its release is the chrome interior, its an early cost cutting measure so its not going away anytime soon but a fully chrome interior detracts from the great design work.

Matchbox MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS Matchbox MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS
Matchbox MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS Matchbox MB735 : 1968 Citroen DS



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