MB742 : Garbage Truck

First released in 2008 as the MB742 : Garbage Truck this is a great example of the type of vehicle that can be and should be used to fill the generic quota of the Matchbox lineup. It ticks all the boxes, its realistic, the kids should love the play value and it something that you can truly imagine driving around the streets picking up your rubbish.

Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck
Model Details
Brand Matchbox Original
Model Garbage King , Garbage Truck , Trash King
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB742

Sadly what started out as a great casting has been hit by the cost reducing stick of the Mattel accountants, the original 18 versions had all the boxes ticked and for me its a welcome inclusion, but then it was dropped from the range and when it returned in 2019 those bean counters had done their damage.

Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck

The body and rear are now separate pieces and of course the rear section is now fully plastic and whats worse is the rear section no longer opens reducing the inherent play value of the model.

Overall I still like the model and will add it to the collection but its disappointing to see the cost reductions are not only the reduction in metal content but its also reducing the play value of the model which is just as important.


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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