MB1176 : MBX Backhoe

Model Details
Brand Matchbox Original
Model MBX Backhoe
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1176
Matchbox MB1176 : MBX Backhoe

Matchbox MB1176 : MBX Backhoe (2021 Basic Range)

Another Matchbox Original that for me is a great example of a generic vehicle.  This one has it all, its realistic which is goes a long way, kids can see this in their town working away, its a very recognisable machine.  The next big tick this casting gets is its playability, the moving buckets would surely be a biog hit with kids as well.

As for the collector this should please those that like construction equipment and vehicles as well, sure its not branded but in this case I dont think that really matters.  This is one that will definately make its way into my collection.

Matchbox MB1176 : MBX Backhoe MB1176 : MBX Backhoe
MB1176 : MBX Backhoe MB1176 : MBX Backhoe


Collector of Matchbox cars for many years

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