MB1244 : 1970 Ford Capri

Model Details
Brand: Ford
Model: Capri (1970)
Matchbox Catalog Entry: MB1244

1970 Ford Capri

In much the same vein as the MBX Field Car this casting of the 1970 Ford Capri is new for 2021 but yet it is not new to the veteran collector.  The model has been made before by Lesney way back in 1971.

When Lesney produced their version all those years ago it was well received as one of the most recognisable cars on UK roads at the time and epitosmised what small scale diecast is about, that being to allow a child to collect and play with cars and other vehicles that they could see in the world around them.Matchbox MB54-B Ford Capri

Fast Forward 50 years and we see Mattels take on this classic Ford and in respect to the actual casting they seem to have done a very good job indeed.  The proportions of the vehicle seem to be good and they have really captured the classic lines of the Ford Capri.  What lets the model down is firstly down to the wheel selection, this first outing they have chosen to put the chrome & black ringed disc wheels and for me I just dont think they suit it very well, in fact I think they look quite odd.

The next thing I find disappointing is the lack of tail lights, small details can make a big difference and the missing tail lights is an oversight that makes this model look unfinished.  On the subject of lights, the head lights are also a let down; as evidenced in other vehicles from 2021 this is a detail that Mattel can do and do very well when they want.  The 1970 Ford Capri of 2021 has the headlight detail of a 1970s Lesney model; that being painted plain white, advances in technology means this should no longer be the case so again a small detail that has been overlooked and lets down the model as a whole.

Matchbox MB1244 : 1970 Ford CapriApart from that this is a great little car and with some small no cost changes it can be released in the future as a far better model so we shall have to sit back and see what Mattel do from here.

Matchbox MB1244 : 1970 Ford Capri Matchbox MB1244 : 1970 Ford Capri Matchbox MB1244 : 1970 Ford Capri



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