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Matchbox MB807 : 2010 Holden VE Ute SSV (Truck Series)

Matchbox MB807 : 2010 Holden VE Ute SSV (Truck Series)

This exclusive set of vehicles is only to be sold via Walmart in the USA which begs the question; why?  Why include the MB807 : Holden VE Ute, this is an Australian vehicle that the majority of Yanks wouldnt know what it is and of course the majority of Australians will want to seek out.  It is extremely frustrating as a collector to see models that you would dearly love in your collection but due to various distribution choices and policies are just simply unobtainable.

That said, the other vehicles in the set with maybe the additional exclusion of the MB1188 : Subaru Sambar can all be found on the streets of anytown, USA.  You get the retro styled MB1174 : ’35 Ford Pickup and the MB991 : Chevy Stepside along side the more modern MB1078 : Chevy Colorado and the MB1206 : Nissan Hardbody.

Matchbox MB1206 : Nissan Hardbody Matchbox MB1188 : Subaru Sambar
Matchbox MB991 : Chevy Stepside Matchbox MB1078 : Chevy Colorado
Matchbox MB1174 : ’35 Ford Pickup Matchbox MB807 : 2010 Holden VE Ute SSV

Overall a nice little set despite the strange model choice, this is also only Series 1 of the Truck Series so we shall see what happens when additional series are released


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